Van Gogh Inspired Work

Chandrima Emma 2 India Colour Symphonies for Paul Gaguin and Van Gogh 2022 Oil on Black Ca
Color Symphonies of Van Gogh & Paul Gauguin, Size - 8x10",  oil on black canvas board, 90 Euro
Chandrima Emma 3 India The Yellow House 2022 Oil in Black Canvas Board 15x20cm.jpeg
Chandrima Emma 1 India Dreaming of Van Gogh (Adapted from Agostina) 2020 Acrylic on Brown

The Yellow House, Size-6x8", oil on black canvas board, 50 Euro

Dreaming of Van Gogh, Adapted from "Agostina", Size-6x9", acrylic on paper, 60 Euro (Framed)